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iPhone 5 is still the best looking phone today.

It makes me wonder what will Apple do to stay on top, and beat out the competition.

This is how I imagine next iPhone 6

Is one iPhone enough?
Apple has 4 iPods (Touch, Nano, Classic & Shuffle), and 2 iPads (iPad & iPad mini).

Why Not 3 different iPhones?

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New design for a MacPro.

It is radical departure from current workstations.

Like a Lego Blocks. Computer built from different interlocking sections, highly customizable.
Sections seamlessly connect, and share power & data (Thunderbolt).

One user needs are very different from others, so should be a MacPro.

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There's been a lot of talk of Apple ditching Intel for ARM.

What does it mean?

significantly smaller enclosure, increase computing power by adding more CPUs, custom Chip design,, cheaper CPUs, smaller, lighter, quieter, cooler

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I was looking for a Belt Clip for iPhone 5 with specific requirements:
well engineered product, minimalistic design, functional & elegant, good safety features, easy to take apart, sturdy construction

None of the existing products fit my criteria.

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